The box overflows

So for the next episode of Google prison break….

I’ve been reading this book, Escape from Cubicle Nation, by Pamela Slim, and I also subscribe to her blog by the same name. She helps people get away from corporate jobs and start businesses of their own. Today, she posted a video of the presentation she made to Google employees at the beginning of August that she titled Career in the Era of the Side Hustle.

Now remember, this is a lady who helps people escape from their corporate jobs, and yet Google asked her to come and do an employee presentation for them. Wouldn’t it be neat if all of our corporations would do this kind of stuff? Instead, it seems that if employers aren’t in the process of laying everyone off, they are desperately trying to keep their remaining employees chained to their desks and running their companies like the mafia.

Maybe Google just isn’t all that insecure. Or maybe they don’t have cubicles. I have no idea, though they do let people bring their dogs to work, so I must give them a huge amount of credit for that.

The presentation is a bit long, but I do recommend watching it even if you’re not planning to escape from any cubicles soon. It’s definitely not a snore-fest like many other company presentations…even if she is using the evil PowerPoint.


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