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Quiet time

I have been having a wonderfully quiet day today.  It is blissful to be able to spend a long weekend in sleep, study, and quiet reflection. My first achievement for the day was to complete my week two point paper discussion on the 10 Mistakes that Start-up Entrepreneurs Make for my managerial accounting class. The assignment is to choose an article each week from The Wall Street Journal and write both a point paper and a discussion of the point paper. I had already completed my point paper, so I spent time this morning on the discussion in which I elaborated on my potential disagreement with mistake number four, depending on interpretation.

Naturally, I spent some time reading and should complete the last chapters of The Millionaire Next Door tonight. I also began reading the chapter on job-order costing in my class text and started on the assigned homework for that chapter.

At various other points in the day, I continued adding more details to the strategic plan I’m creating for my business idea. I have put a lot of thought into it and am excited about how it is shaping up, even if it still looks a bit messy “on paper”. It has not been a process where I could just sit and complete everything at once, so I typically keep the document up at all times and when I think of something that needs to be changed or added, I rush over and make my revisions. My head seems much like an alchemical alembic that eventually distills my myriad of thoughts into something more refined and useful. It gets a lot of use as I try out different combinations of thoughts!


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